Your english can't be improved without listening to music

In my opinion, listening to songs is, for good speakers, a posibility to improve their english, but I think, that for beginners up to advanced speakers, it’s not the best way to learn english.
better read books (well, never ones, not for example books from shakespear), magazines or newspapers…
what do you think about that?

I believe that listening to music does not help too much because of the way English is spoken in songs.

Depending on the singer, you will listen to words improperly pronounced (because of singing diction requirements), sometimes words are not even pronounced!!

Additionally, English has many tricks that you will never learn from songs (intonation, word stress in sentences, tag questions, rhythm, etc).

I would rather suggest you listen to audio files, like news, podcasts (you can get tons of these for free, just download iTunes to your computer).

This way, you will be able to listen to native speakers talking to each other at a normal pace, with the things a spoken language has that are not reflected in songs.


P.D.: Oh! And one more thing: reading is not enough because spoken English and written English are just two worlds apart.