You will have to think twice

Here’s one of mine:

[color=blue]A man walks up in the parking lot and say’s “see those 2 cars over there, I bet I can take off my shoes and jump over them.” How is this possible?

[size=150]Care to guess?[/size]

Anyone could jump over his shoes!! :wink:

so funny))) LOL

Pretty clever, I must admit my friend carb. although you ratted me out. How did you do it?

[color=blue]My compliments…lolo…lol

Rat sb out? What does it mean?

That’s just what you did, rat som out means to reveal someone’s secret.


hardy har har there rich

[color=blue]I see yo are back, what’s with you buddy?

[size=150]har har? is this you laughter or what?[/size]