You seem determined to see this challenge through.


Say that someone takes up a “challenge” such as this one here: How to learn English? (30/30 Challenge) . (Long story short, it is required of them to make a post a day for 30 days.) This person makes a number of posts for several days in a row. Can I say these to them?

You seem determined to complete this challenge.
You seem determined to see this challenge through.
You seem determined to go through with this challenge.

Thank you.

You can say all those.

Thank you very much Bev,

Could you give me a couple more sentences conveying the same idea?

Thanks again.

You seem to determined to finish this challenge / get to the end of this challenge / beat this challenge / accomplish this challenge / conclude this challenge / fulfil this challenge.

It seems that you are determined to… plus permutations of the above.
It seems as if you are determined to…