You have an opportunity to visit a foreign country. Which country do you visit an

You have an opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. Which country do you visit and why?

Travelling to different places has always been my passion since childhood. I am fortunate enough to visit all the countries in South East Asia. Although these countries are fascinating in their own ways, it is my dream to visit Unites States of America for a couple of weeks.

A visit to USA will entrust with a chance to witness different types of climatic conditions. On one end we have Arizona desert where temperatures can soar to as high as 110, we have Alaska on the other end which is covered by layers of snow for almost three-quarters of the year. While California invites us with its beautiful and temperate weather through out the year, terrain of an adjacent state, Colorado, is filled with snowy mountains.

It is too difficult to describe the beauty of Niagara Falls, which is present on the border of the USA and Canada, in words. While viewing it from the top is breathtaking, going down to the feet of the falls and watching it from there is equally mesmerizing. A five hour drive from there will take us to one of the most happening cities in the world: New York. While Statue of Liberty stands as an epitome of friendship between the USA and France, watching it over the bridge is so enticing that we don’t want leave that place at all. Walking in New York down town is an enthralling experience. It is engrossing to see those sky scrapers which stand as symbol of humans grit, resilience and tolerance against Islamic extremism.

There are many sites, world renowned museums in cities like Texas, Washington DC. I don’t want to give them a miss at any cost. Down south, I would like to visit Los Angeles, the second largest city in the USA. Serene and beautiful atmosphere, cool weather, clean and neat beeches such as Long beach and Universal studios, a famous Hollywood film production house make our visit to LA more appealing and enticing.

How can anyone go to USA and don’t pay a visit to Los Vegas, also known as ’ the City that never sleeps in the night’? It takes about 6 hours by drive for us to reach Vegas from LA. There are many world’s most famous and the biggest casinos here. We have to spend at least one night in Vegas to visit all casinos. There is a fountain show organized every evening here. It is impossible to take off our eyes from the show as long as it goes on. It is an awesome and a mind blowing show.

Going further down, we can see The Grand Canyon, 2nd best of the Seven Wonders of the World. An early morning helicopter ride in the Canyon is an unrealized dream to me till now. Arizona desert is famous for its unique flora and fauna. It is amazing to see how water is being supplied to many cities of Arizona.

By visiting USA, I will get a chance not only to see all these cities and places but also to see their technological innovations. I will get a chance to talk to people of different regions, religions and ethnicities. Hence, If I get an opportunity I would like to visit the USA and want to lose myself in the natural beauty of that country.

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