You are magnificent.

I watch films a lot and I learn some idiomatic and humourous lines from them.

I watch Inside Man the other day. Yes, starring Jodi Foster and Denzel Washington. Both of them are my favourites.

There was a funny line, a man looking into Jodi Foster’s face and said.

‘You are a magnificent c’. lol.

Very practical line, oh my. I love that.

Have fun.

I will add up some more lines when they come to my pate.

I like Jodie Foster very much too.

I can’t say very much about movies, and actors.

I always preferred my interesting life, to fiction, which is a

surrogate to our real life.

But I appreciate Jodie, who is really talented person, and has

delicate, not aggresive beauty.

Denzel Washington attracted my attention after I got to know

his brother MaliVai Washington -who was quite a good


Tennis-in this period of time, was more interesting for me,

than films.

Dear Black Knight, I admire your great range of fields, you are

interested in. And your deep knowledge of them.

It seems, that you are living not one life, but at least three.


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Dear Alicja,

I’m flattered.

I’m just a simple, curious man with lots of time.

Time manipulates us. If we can kill time, we can learn more things and be satisfied.

I can make love with more girls. Can talk nonsense and rubbish. ( Thanks to ETN ).

So I always tread time good under my feet.

I manage time and risks. To be a happy, free man. No yokes, no worries, always free.

I can still be a ‘Hi Girls’ type of bloke. hihihi.

We only live for a short span of time. 100 years is just infinitesimal in term of the universe.

I donch know, I fancy a lot things.

You know Denzel Washington is to me, the most handsome balck American.

He should be a Obama.

Obama should be a Denzel Washington. I don’t think he will sue me for that. ( Oh, Obama is handsome too, I must say. )

My wife like her a lot too. I let her like him. Then she will come back to me. Cunning enough?lol.

I first met Jodi Foster in ’ The Silence of the Lambs '. I thought she won Oscar for it.

She’s not beautiful, but she’ beautiful, cos it seems she’s got lots of brains in her pate.

She’s magnificent. lol.

Jodie Foster (born Alicia Christian Foster; November 19, 1962)<<

Hey, what a coincidence her first name is Alicia another version of Alice. Like yours.


I’ve played sports. Tennis is one of my favourite sports.

Especially when I can get a good tremendous service ball. Points are not important for me. My aim is to shock my opponent with a storm like service. Then he will respect.

I cannot be a winner in every part of my life.

And I love martial arts a lot. With the same aim, to give my opponent a good storm like kick. Points don’t matter.

In the sport of life, the same aim. Having rises and falls, don’t care, have a human life once.



Yes, of course, Coach,

Thank you for you kindness.

Kind regards.

Serve-record holders

Pete Sampras (Considered by many to have the greatest serve of all time. First player to record 1000 aces in a season in 1993.)
Goran Ivanišević (holds the record for most aces in a season, most seasons leading the tour in aces, and most aces of all-time)
Ivo Karlović (holds the record for the second fastest men's serve)
John Isner (holds the record for most aces in a tennis match)
Venus Williams (hold the record for fastest serve on the women's tour)
Serena Williams (Most aces served by a female at a Grand Slam)
Serena Williams (Most aces served by a female at a match)Ace (tennis)
Serena Williams (Most aces served by a female in a season)2012 WTA Tour
Roger Federer (holds the record for most aces in a Grand-Slam final)[citation needed]
Andy Roddick (holds the record for fastest serve at a Grand Slam)
Samuel Groth (holds the record for fastest serve of all time)

Ref. Wikipedia.

In total, Groth notched serves at the blistering speeds of 253.5 km/h (157.5 mph), 255.7 km/h (158.9 mph), and the eventual record holder at an ear-bending 263 km/h (163.4 mph). As one would suspect, the record serve went unreturned for an ace.<<

Ref. Guinness