Yet in varieties of meaning

Hi, everyone

I found out Yet has many meanings in the sentence. Could you help me with this problem. As far as I know, The meaning of Yet is “until now / up to now / now”
I have not finish my homework yet.
She does not go home yet.

In few sentences below, I have no idea for the meaning of yet.

while he was yet asleep
there is much yet to do
you mush work yet harder
I have a yet more important thing to say

it is strange, yet true
I agree with you, but yet I can’t consent

he will do it yet 
much yet remains to be said 

What are the menaing of “just yet” and “as yet” ?

In the first group, the meaning is ‘still’ (continues to be)

In the second set, the meaning is 'but still ’ (but continues to be)

In the third set, the meaning is ‘in the fullness of time’

Thank you Beeesneees

How about the meaning of “just yet” and “as yet” ?

Sometimes they are synonymous. You would have to treat each usage in context.

Hi Waiyin Cheng,

You could say: I haven’t finished just yet. This is a sort of apology for not completing something but indicating that you will finish soon.

You could say: As yet we have only received three replies to our advertisement. This means up till now we have only received three replies.


Thank you Alan and Beeesneees.