Yes, I do remember

remember (verb intransitive)
To have or use the power of memory
[Am. Heri. Dic.]

Do you remember it?
Yes, I do remember.

Is “remember” in the second sentence a intransitive verb? Given it is, isn’t “remember” following by an understood ‘it’, “remember [it]” which would make “remember” a transitive? What is your thinking on this? Please let me know.

“do” in this case is Auxiliary verb. It plays a role to emphasize the “remember” meaning. You can drop it and still be grammatical sentence.
They usually do not repeat the object in the answer because they have already mentioned it in the question. So without "it’ in the answer.

Remember is “transitive” verb, Jackson.

Cheng, are you okaying my explanation that ‘it’ is understood and therefore ‘remember’ is transitive?

Can you please provide me with an example where ‘remember’ is intransitive?

Hi, Jackson
I mean “remember” is transitive verb, not intransitive. It must follow by object

“Remember” is both transitive and intransitive.

Yes, Mordant, that’s what I was saying. It seems Cheng is not aware of intransitive form because I think it’s used rarely. Could you please have a look on my first post to guide me on the main issue? Thanks.

Yes, it is intransitive. It’s also not that rare a use. Often “remember” will appear without a direct object.

Thanks a lot.