Yahoos' writings

In Dec. 2012 , she was underwent an operation to remove a bladder growth , longtime adviser Tim Bell told the Associates Press.

This was precisely at Yahoo. Is the bolden text right to be there?

Oh dear. The source of this appears to be the American ABC news.

One more example of Amer. Eng. becoming a language unto itself, American-style - that is, maverick: no rules!

It should be ‘had undergone’.

It reminds me of Celebrity Apprentice (the one with Joan Rivers) where a celebrity Playboy bunny was fielding a question from Ivana, with the verb ‘forego’. She began to respond and was forced to use the Past Tense. So - we got:
“I don’t think I foregooed…” oo pronounced as ‘u’ in ‘glue’.
Then there’s ‘boughten’, and ‘tooken’
A documentary about the use of a computer program using an algorithm to pinpoint hot-spots for crime each day, and how successful it was proving.
White Police officer: [color=indigo]“Since using this computer program, crime has deteriorated by 20%.”
How the standards of criminals have gone down! They’re just not committing crimes with the same flair now!

And don’t get me started with such mangling as “By a stroke of miracle…”

And these: Middle Class White Americans.

(Forgive me for directing this to those over the pond. If not a contradiction in terms: I am trying to deny what is happening in Britain.)

Instead of writing "She (had undergone)/(X: was underwent) an operation to remove a bladder growth. "
can we write? :
"She was operated to remove a bladder growth. "

You would need ‘on’ - she was operated on to remove a bladder growth.
However, the previous phrase using ‘had undergone’ is far more standard and elegant.

Yeppers. The American American Broadcasting Company was boughten a few years ago by Disney, a real Mickey-Mouse outfit.

Or “underwent” without any has/had/was

And they usually are talking about the working class, in any case.

Technically, the upper class has enough in the way of inherited wealth to be able to forego working. The middle class has a income from working large enough to be able to accumulate significant wealth. The working class is able to meet their needs, but they aren’t accumulating much of anything. The lower class is unable to provide the necessities of life through working, usually for reasons of ill health or poor education.

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  1. Doctor operated on her to remove a bladder growth.
  2. Doctor operated her to remove a bladder growth.
    Which one is correct? or Are both correct?

As Bev has said, it should be: ‘She was operated on/upon for the removal of a bladder growth’

Now, please see this:

‘Undergo’ is an intransitive verb. So, it can appear only in the Active Voice like:
undergo/undergoes/underwent, is/am/are/was/were undergoing, has/have/had undergone, has/have/had been undergoing, will undergo, will be undergoing, will have undergone and will have been undergoing.

Since the ‘en’ form of that verb is ‘undergone’, you can never write ‘underwent’ even when you want to use it as a transitive verb in the passive voice. Remember that any verb in its passive voice will invariably be in its ‘en’ form.

I am looking for answer for my post at 7.

Thanks T_H for refuting (was underwent).

It looks absolutely ungrammatical
I was shocked to have seen it on yahoo.
Thanks once more.

  1. Doctor operated on her to remove a bladder growth.
  2. Doctor operated her to remove a bladder growth.
    Which one is correct? or Are both correct?

The first one. Even this will seem better with
The doctor operated upon her for the removal of a bladder growth”

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