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Topic: Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place would you prefer to live in?
It seems to be very important for an individual to live in his favorite surrounding. While some people feel more comfortable to have an urban life, others believe that a life in a city is more convenient and easier to supply them with modern lives and many latest services. From my perspective, a peaceful life in a small town is more enjoyable.
The most essential factor contributing to my preference to a town is its atmosphere. Nowadays, it is easy to perceive that the faster the pace of development of a city has, the more polluted its atmosphere is, which results from the rapid appearances of many huge factories and industrial areas. Therefore, a town with many trees and fresh air can ensure my family a healthy life, which is the first requirement but the utmost key to obtain many future objectives in our lives.
Another reason why I support the rural life is that the relationship between people in a small area is much closer than one in a busy city. Some people argue that the high living standard in a big city can provide people with a luxurious life with the most modern furniture as well as several kinds of entertainment. However, this life has very loose connection between people who belong to the same group, especially, members of a family. Parents usually focus so much on their working that they forget to spend time taking care of their children. On the contrary, residents in a small town tend to satisfy with their simple life with a stable job. Therefore, they spend much time together, which makes their lives more peaceful and relaxed.
In conclusion, if I had to choose one place to live, I would not hesitate to opt for a small town. Its atmosphere and a tight relationship between people are the two most vital conditions influencing on my decision.

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