Writing Task # 1...please let me know what I have wrong here...

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement ?
Students should be required to take regular standardized tests to prove that they are learning.
Suppport your position with details and examples.

I agree that standardized tests could be a good parameter as a requirement for any application. It is known that there are many applications that ask for standardized documents.

First, there are universities that as a requirement, a student should take a test. For example to demonstrate his/her level in a particular language.

Also, if you are going to a job interview it is possible that the company would ask you to do a psychological test. The psychological test could be a standardized test that is recognized abroad.

Finally, a standardized test could help you when you are going to apply in many opportunities like scholarships or jobs in another country. It is very important to be prepared for that kind of test if you want to win a position that is wanted and filter between other applicants.

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Hi, your writing is very good, with very few grammatical errors. But I don’t think you really answered the question. The prompt asks whether you think standardized tests are valid and useful - as opposed to other types of tests, essays, observation, etc. Instead, your essay mainly states that standardized tests are common and used in a variety of settings. I don’t think this really answers the question at all.

ok…I see your point.

thanks for your help, I appreciate it.