[writing]imported and local food

In many countries, more and more people choose to buy imported food rather than food produced locally. Why people buy imported food? What could be done to encourage people to buy local food?

My essay: A majority of people in the modern world prefer purchasing foreign foods rather than domestic products. This phenomenon can be ascribed to various reasons and addressed by feasible solutions.

There are two underlying reasons why imported food is more preferred than local products by consumers. Firstly, it is common knowledge that the higher quality compared to domestic food puts foreign products at an advantage. For example, Vietnamese citizens have a tendency to make a purchase of milk products made by Japan, which meets the requirements of strict customers and high standards. Moreover, with the higher average income, it is easier for citizens to afford expensive foreign items which can improve their living conditions. As a result, affluent customers have a willingness to choose foreign products with high price and quality.

Some measures should be taken to boost the sales of local products by governments and companies. The first solution is that the government should reduce indoor taxes and raise imported food taxes which makes the price of local products be lower. As a result, local companies increase their capacity for competition and make a higher profit. In addition, companies should put modern technology into use, which boosts productivity and the quality of products. Besides, advertising campaigns should be launched to promote domestic products’ images, which encourage local citizens to utilize these products.

In conclusion, the more prevalence of foreign products rather than local products in some countries is undeniable because of the aforementioned reasons. Therefore, several methods should be made to encourage local residents to use domestic items.


Hi ThĆ° BĂąi, I think your essay is not too bad. You have addressed the prompt correctly.
I think your reasons make sense, but it seems like a big factor would be products that can’t be grown in your local area. If I want to eat bananas or coffee, I have to buy them from other countries. Your two solutions don’t really address the root causes stated in your first paragraph. It seems like you have to raise the quality of domestic products and convince rich consumers that “buying local” is better for their health and for the environment. Your writing is generally clear, but you do have some awkward sounding words and phrases. Here are some specific suggestions: