Writing ielts task 2

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Cycling is more environmentally friendly than other forms of transport. Why is it not popular in many places? And how to increase its popularity .

Although riding cycles is much more beneficial to reducing environmental pollution, a lot of people still choose the other types of vehicles to commute. There are a number of reasons for this unpopularity, and some solutions should be proposed to promote the usage of bicycles.

There are some reasons why cycling is unpopular in many parts of the world. Firstly, riding a bicycle takes more time than using other means of transport. Nowadays people tend to be short of time so they would like to choose the forms of transport such as motorbikes, cars that could help them save time on commuting. Secondly, cycling is much physically demanding to make a long ride. People have to spend more energy traveling on the road especially on a hot and rainy day when they have to travel to distant areas.

Several solutions should be used to increase the using of bicycles. The first solution is that governments should impose heavy taxes on other types of vehicles. This makes the vehicles such as cars, motorbikes more expensive. As a result, people tend to choose bicycles as a main form of transport. The final key to solving this problem would be to invest more fund to enhance the roads which are provided for only cyclists. Improving the infrastructure would help cyclists travel more convenience and reduce significantly the time traveling by bicycles.

In conclusion, there are some reasons why riding bicycles are much uncommon in today’s world, and solutions should be produced early to promote this environmentally friendly means of transport.


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