With the development of public media, incomputable advertisements appear on all kinds of television programs, newspapers or magazines even anywhere. Advertisements play a significant role to guide people to purchase commodities, work implements, children’s education, even everything. In such a dilemma, as for me, a majority of advertisements magnify the function or quality of products and enable them look like better than what they really are from the aspects of the original aim of advertisement, the artistic objective and the celebrity charm.

Initially, one issue which encourages me to hold this point of view is that the aim of advertisements which persuade people to buy more products and increase the profits. Consequently, the advertiser will exclusively publicize the advantages of products with intentional inobservance of disadvantages. Nothing can be more obvious to support this standpoint than the instance of my mother’s experience. Last summer, my mother watched an amazing and fascinating advertisement about marketing a new juice machine. Without any hesitation, she bought the machine. Unfortunately, the processor broke down only after a couple of days. Mother had to pay extra money for a new processor. As a result, enormous regrets permeated her inner heart. Therefore, she was disappointed with advertisements and decided to not trust any advertisements any more. Another example is my brother, having been employed in a advertise studio for two years, who reveal the inside story to me. When they receive a case, their work includes main two points: one is to deepen the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of products; another is to try their best to highlight the good qualities (called sell points) and conceal the flaws, such as byproducts. Thus, advertising is not about exhibiting a true product for you; it is about promoting them commercially.

To back up my point, it could be relevant to include another cause that it is the artistic effect of advertisement. People usually buy the things in their memory. Advertisements need to catch consumers’ eyes through creative ideas, florid image and video, exciting ad message, etc. by talented ad designers. What impressed me most is the P&G shampoo advertisement. In the video, a beautiful young girl is playing the swing pleasantly with her long, flyaway hair. Adding the butterfly wings, she is definitely an angel in the delicate scene. Could you not forget this scene?

In addition, usually, many favorite singers or movie stars are invited to advertise the products, which lend their celebrity effects to improve the reputation of products in society. Many funs buy goods which they don’t need just because of their fond stars. Hence, all of those make products seem better than what they really are.

Admittedly, advertisements are of vital important to us to obtain most of information about a new product, for example, iPhone 4, which enhance our quality of life.

Judging from all the evidence mentioned above, we can arrive at this conclusion that most advertisements make products better than the truth considering the original aim, artistic effects and celebrity. Subsequently, consumers should keep eyes open for all advertisements and develop the reasonable decision.

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