Write about unpleasant character in fiction, please score my writing

Harry Boiston is dangerous mentally ill guy in “I miss you”. However, audience may be know that he is a piteous person, too.
He is the most wicked in this film. He always raises difficulties for his uncle’s family to make them miserable. For example, he hires a man to sabotage his uncle’s company to such an extent that it is bankrupted. In addition, he not only kills lover’s stepfather but also gives the order his underling to kill her. Yet he treats a girl who he loves very attentively. He always protects her from injuries.
Reasons for his actions are a great loss when he was a child. His uncle not only broke his less but also killed his mother to appropriate inherit money. Many years later, his lover betrayed him because of his uncle’s son. Since then he lived to revenge.
For these reasons, I feel pity for Harry. His life is an unhappy story. In the end of film, he knows that his mother hasn’t died and all of his actions are meaningless. He becomes insane. No one stays nearly him.

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Hi Alice, your essay was not too bad, but I think you have quite a few problems. I am not sure your essay completely addresses the prompt - you need to focus more on why he is unpleasant. You also have several phrases and sentences that are very unclear to me.