Write about a book that has special significance for you.

Write about a book that has special significance for you.
Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Books are like treasures, we look for them until they are found. They are very rich, I’m not referring about money, but rather knowledge. All the important information that can be gained from them makes us who we are today. We use books since we are very small, even though we don’t know how to read, we like to look at the pictures, because they teach us something we didn’t know before, or simply because, they tell a story with an important meaning. Then, as we grow older we use them at school, and even later in life for recreation. Unfortunately, I don’t have an special book, due to the fact that I have many. I love to read therefore, is hard for me to choose just one of them.

There are different kinds of book, they range from a wide variety of topics. From novels to fiction who provides us with amazing ideas, imaginations, and fantasies. Then there are those that provide us with pleasure like a cooking book from which you can learn to cook, bake, entertain friends, family, and so much more. In addition, to the books already mentioned, those who provide me with knowledge, and information, are the ones I like to read. Books about caves, volcanoes, earthquakes, plants, history, geography, animals, and science. Consequently those about emotions, raising children, and psychology. The list goes on and on since there are so many to choose from. I hope you can understand why is so difficult for me to choose just one.

They all provide me with instructive data I did not know before In addition, to the experience, and knowledge gained. Like my mother used to say “ Knowledge does not occupy space “ and this is so true. I have discover in myself a person who loves books. Unfortunately, when growing up I didn’t know the value that books have. Regardless of the time lost, I still have the opportunity to enjoy the advantages that has been given to me today. Psychology books are between the first ones I like the most. They represent an understanding of how people behave they way they do. But then when I think of cooking books, I prefer them as well because they guide me through the steps I should take in order to make a delicious meal for my family. Undoubtedly, they are all special in their own way.

In short, my love for books will never end, maybe one day I will find that special book, who I can call my favorite, but right now I’m happy to have a wide variety of them at my disposition. They have taught me many things in their own special ways therefore, they all have a great significance to me.

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Thanks again
Do you think the content of the essay is ok? I mean i really do not have a favorite book,
would it be ok for me to write this essay in case it is asked to me in the test?

Yamilet, I think your essay is excellent and highlights your love of books. I’m sure that someone who reads as avidly as yourself will find it difficult to choose a favourite.
Maybe that will become obvious to your examiners. Keep up the good work.


Gracias :slight_smile:

Hi, here is my contribution eventhough i’m not very confident. i’d appreciate very much if somebody made correction of my mistakes. thanks. Mira

“Gradually I developed myself to the state that the man can’t choose anything. The best intentions can turn into the bad once and the bad once to good once. The things simply happens. There’s nothing to do about that.”
No, I’m not going to talk about life as it’s suggested. I’ve used this short extract from my favourite writer’s book because it illustrates my own attitude to life. Doesn’t make sense? So let’s start from beginning.
I’m going to talk about books and the extract above I’ve written only because I liked or or hopefully make you a little bit curious…
There is common saying in my country that “book is the best friend of the man”. Of course you can object that actually the dog is the best friend of the man but it doesn’t matter in this case. There are a couple of things I like about books. The first is that once never get bored when they have something to read. As well as people who like learning or discovering new things, as they say, the sky is the limit.
The second thing I really appreciate about books is their language. I’m not a good writer (even writing this lousy essay costs me lot of effort) so it’s quite pleasure to read a valuable book and enjoy writer’s expressiveness describing all those thoughts and feelings I’m not able to come up with right words. And then when I came across something that it seems to me very personal like in the extract on the top I’m getting overexciting.
And finally the last thing why I love books is that books give people an opportunity to get known themselves better.
By all means there lot of other reason i’ve forgotten to mentioned but these are kind of the most important for me.