Wrirting practise: Last night I read a story book written by a fantastic writer

Hi every body,

My writting text for your suggestion please.

Last night I read a story book written by a fantastic writer, that story was a real incident. A female nursing officer worked in a rural municipal hospital about seven years back and based on outbreak of a fatal disease named as influenza. The disease caused by a virulent viral strain, which has ability to undergo sudden mutations .Which could change the cell structure, thus, scientists face difficulties to prepare suitable vaccines and virocides against that particular causative agent. First day four children were admitted to the hospital and third day half number of the admitted cases die. Day by day multiply the no of cases as well as death and around fifth day two-third of villages were affected. Dead bodies were buried and cremation was held according to the each and every once religious tradition. There was lack of medicine, food and beverages. Shortages of medical personals and medical disposable items were major challenges for the health department. The nursing officer worked hard, and excellent service was provided by her .Finally she was affected by the same disease die. She was honored by the World Health Organization and special award was dedicated for her excellence service. The story was very sad.

Thank you