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Many thanks for this link. Is it a link which we can listen to it every day?
Today I listened the next ones:

Cleaning out the grime in the Lo…2:32 -Cleaning of London eye. Incredible technic. With high pressure water clean everywhere.

Man hangs from the power line, then …1:04- A Chinese man fell down from an electric wire. He survives.

Europe chilled by global warming1:33 The winter of April is due the global warming. I saw in another film that on the Antarctic a gigantic mountain of ice came off and began to float on the see, and it will be melted, and this happening set off a cold front, snowing on the earth.

In Peru, pay a fee, avoid the dr…2:14 In Peru pay a fee who avoid call-up order

Qatar flexing its regional clout3:33 -Qatar is the third richest country in the world due to his gas reserves.

Elephant tusk stolen from Paris …2:12 the title tells everything.

Dog dives into icy river for gir…2:15 A dog and its owner saved two little girls from the icy river.

Watch man swallow a cobra1:09- A man swallowed a cobra and after for breaking the world record he swallowed another one.

Watch thieves blow up ATM:55-Terrible spectacle how thieves blow up ATM

David Beckham’s life in Paris4:12 David Backham and his three children and his wife after lefting the Barcelona they moved is in Paris. Backham’s arm is tattooed as an embroidery.

Beckham: Tom Cruise is hotter th…2:31-“quick fire questions”-they were laughing lot through the interview. I have to relisten again because they were very short questions and short answers, for me it was very difficult to understand.

Why books have power to change l…3:55 How could we make love the reading with children.

March deadliest month in Syria w…3:15-till today 70 000 people had been killed. I don’t understand why the world allows this civil war for 3 years.

Richard III: Is this the face that launched 1,000 myths?London (CNN) --

Supporters of King Richard III want a just-revealed reconstruction of the monarch’s head to bring a human aspect to a leader portrayed through the centuries as a murderous villain who butchered his way to power.

The Richard III Society commissioned the reconstruction – which was unveiled before media in London Tuesday – after remains believed to be those of the medieval king were discovered under in a parking lot in Leicester, England.

Scientists announced Monday that DNA testing had established that the skeleton was indeed that of Richard III.

Since his death at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, Richard III has been portrayed as hunchbacked and hateful, accused of killing his own nephews, the “Princes in the Tower,” to usurp the throne.

But the Richard III Society believes the monarch has been unfairly maligned by history and in particular the Tudors who ousted him.

It says its three-dimensional model of the king shows a face “far removed from the image of the cold-blooded villain of Shakespeare’s play.”

Society chairman Dr. Phil Stone told reporters in London that the discovery and identification of the monarch had been “a momentous time” for the society. He praised screenwriter Philippa Langley’s “tenacity and bloody-mindedness” in pursuing the project to locate his remains.

Langley said her aims had been two-fold – to try to find Richard III so that his remains could be retrieved from an “undignified place” and to “go in search of the real Richard III.”

Seeing the facial reconstruction, she said, had been the most important moment. “It was the biggest moment because suddenly the aim of seeing the real Richard III came true. That’s a man who is three-dimensional in every sense.”

In a statement, she said: "The experience was breathtaking – one of the most overwhelming moments of my life.

“I wasn’t alone in finding this an approachable, kindly face, almost inviting conversation.”

Caroline Wilkinson, Professor of Craniofacial Identification at the University of Dundee led the reconstruction project.

In a statement, she said Richard III’s facial structure was based on “anatomical assessment and interpretation, and a 3D replication process known as stereolithography.”

“The final head was pained and textured with glass eyes and a wig, using the portraits as reference, to create a realistic and regal appearance.”

Janice Aitken – from the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design at the University of Dundee – said CT scans of the monarch’s skull had been used to build the reconstruction, 70% of which was within 2mm accuracy.

Aitken then painted his face.

“He is just a human being. Human beings have certain characteristics – you can use artistic licence to make assumptions.”

“The most useful references were the faces of contemporaries. At one point I used my son.”

Aitken said Langley had been clearly “taken aback” when she saw the reconstruction for the first time and that the Richard III Society’s reaction as a whole had been “extremely gratifying.”

Stone said in a statement that the face was “younger and fuller than we have been used to seeing, less careworn and with a hint of a smile.”

Richard III seemed “alive and about to speak,” he said.

“At last, it seems, we have the true image of Richard III – is this the face that launched a thousand myths?”

Sarah Levitt, head of Leicester City Council’s Arts and Museum division said the reconstruction had the presence of a “living, breathing man.”

It would be given “pride of place” in the Richard III visitors center due to open in the central England city next year, she said.

Supporters of Richard III want a reconstruction of his head to bring a human aspect to a leader portrayed as a murderous villain.



an English city in the county of Leicestershire, now governed by a unitary authority. It was one of the largest towns in Roman Britain and parts of the Roman city walls remain, as well as a ruined medieval castle. Leicester became a centre of the wool trade in the 15th century and is today an important industrial city. The National Space Science Centre opened there in 2001.

the Battle of Bosworth Field

the last battle (1485) in the Wars of the Roses. It was fought near Market Bosworth in Leicestershire between King Richard III of England and Henry Tudor. Richard died in the battle and Henry became King Henry VII. There is a dramatic version of the battle at the end of Shakespeare’s play Richard III.


(written abbr: Leics)
a county in the English Midlands. Its administrative centre, formerly Leicester, is now Glenfield.

hunchback NOUN
ˈhʌntʃbæk ˈhʌntʃbæk
(also humpback) (offensive)

a person who has a hump on their back
ˈhʌntʃbækt ˈhʌntʃbækt

ˈheɪtfl ˈheɪtfl

very unkind or unpleasant
a hateful person/place/face

the Princes in the Tower

a name given to the two young sons of King Edward IV, i.e. the boy king Edward V and his brother Richard, Duke of York3 (1472–83), who went to live in the royal apartments (= private rooms) in the Tower of London in 1483 after their father died. They disappeared, and some people believe they were murdered either by Richard III, who had become king, or by Henry VII. The bones of two young children found in the Tower and tested in 1933 are believed to be theirs.

by Mandy Barrow Primary Homework Help

Celts-500 BC
Romans-AD 43

WW ll-1939

Henry VII was the first Tudor King of England, establishing the Tudor Dynasty.
There were five crowned Tudor kings and queens, and they are among the most well-known figures in Royal history. Henry VII, his son Henry VIII and his three children Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I ruled for 118 eventful years.

Edward VI,

Mary I

Elizabeth I

( Lady Jane Grey reigned as Queen for just 9 days.)

ˈtjuːdə® ˈtuːdər

oust VERB
aʊst aʊst

to force somebody out of a job or position of power, especially in order to take their place
oust somebody (from something) The rebels finally managed to oust the government from power.
connected with the time when kings and queens from the Tudor family ruled England (1485-1603)

bloody-minded ADJECTIVE

(British English, informal)

behaving in a way that makes things difficult for other people; refusing to be helpful
Don’t be so bloody-minded!

NOUN [uncountable]
sheer bloody-mindedness

careworn ADJECTIVE
ˈkeəwɔːn ˈkerwɔːrn

looking tired because you have a lot of worries
her careworn features