Would you please tell me what this point means?

In this half a minute, the speaker was talking about something that I could understand or even catch up, so would you kindly tell me what does she mean in it :pray:t2::bouquet::rose::disappointed_relieved:

It is here in 10:24-10:31

Unfortunately, the video or audio is missing.

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Here is it, I sent it again :pray:t2:


Where is it?

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@Amera, note the correction made in your question.


Where is the correction, sir?

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Compare your original question with my corrected one.

I think your question was this: Would you please tell me what does this point mean?
(You cannot have two questions in the same sentence. The first part (Would you please tell me?) is already a question so the second (What does this point mean?) needs to be converted into declarative!)

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