Would to god

Plz help me with the expression. I’d be very grateful if someone would tell me how to use and the expression’s meaning. Thank you so much.:smiley:

Could you use it in a sentence?

A PM is in your mailbox OB.

If i could give an example, i wouldn’t have asked. I found it in an english grammar book published about 60 years ago. But unfortunately it’s not mine so i just had time to take a glance.

Your phrase is a plea to heaven on high that something will come about.

“Would to God that she packed her bags and left!”

“Would to God that she came back to me!”

You can learn to find samples yourself by searching a reputable CORPUS.

Does it have the same meaning and use as if only and i wish, mr. Kitosdad?

This is equivalent to “I hope (that)”, definitely archaic.

Yes, I believe so. VW.