"would have been" vs "would"

Hi everyone,
I’d like to ask a question about the usage of would/would have been. Here is the passage (I have already asked one question concerning it).

Tapping her earpiece, Annabella linked to her aunt and uncle. She usually had dinner with them once a week, and that once would have been two days hence. It [color=blue]would have been nice to do it more often, but her schedule barely allowed for the once.

Can would be used in this instance instead of would have been, i.e. it would be nice to do it more often? I think the author is referring to the present in the past, not the past in the past.

Yes, I think ‘would be’ would work instead of ‘would have been’ in both slots, but the implication changes. ‘Would’ suggests that it may still be possible to schedule dinner with them more often sometime in the future, but ‘would have been’ presents the inevitability of never doing so.

I understand the point now. Thank you very much, Mister Micawber!!!