"world affairs section" vs "business section"

While many of South America’s duty-free shops stock reasonably priced gemstones, Rio de Janeiro’s offes a particularly wide selection that includes aquamarines, citrines, tourmalines, amethysts and emeralds. One indication of the city’s excellence in ths regard is the presence of Brazil-based H. Stern, a renowned international jewelry firm that operates four stores in the airport.

Also special to Brazil are stones of lesser quality - rose quartz and other rock crystals - which are handcrafted into a fantastic menagerie of exotic birds and animals that can cost up $1,000. Other local goods inspired by the coutry’s rich variety of fauna and flora include such decorative handicrafts as wall hangings, tablecloths and tapestries.

Q. Where does this passage probably appear?

a. an encyclopedia

b. world affairs section

c. advertising section

d. business section

I went with ‘world affairs section,’ but OA says ‘business section’ is right. I don’t accept that answer. What do you think is the right answer?