Workers are more satisfied when they have many different types of tasks to do during the workday than when they do similar tasks all day long

Throughout history, a career has played a prevailing role in every individual’s life. In this regard, there is a longstanding discussion among academicians about how they could elevate the job satisfaction of employees. Therefore, some people are inclined toward the opinion that getting involved in various and different tasks can cause more happiness feeling in workers rather than when they do a certain and repetitive work every day, whereas others hold exactly the opposite perspective. As far as, I am concerned, workers will feel much better when different tasks are assigned to them. The following paragraphs will illustrate my perspective.

The most important point to be mentioned is that doing different work has a significant and undeniable role in boosting people’s self-confidence, making people feel much better about themselves and their lives. Although some people may take an opposite viewpoint and believe that, the more various tasks people do, the more likely they are to face challenges, and therefore they have to work harder to tackle their problem. In my opinion, this can be seen as a positive light. Take a personal experience as an example. When I was in collage I worked as a part-time apprentice and soldered some electronic boards. After a while, this kind of constant and repeated work made me very tired. After my graduation, I employed in a research center as a researcher. You cannot imagine how positive I felt when I had moved from my first job to the second job since I would face a new challenge every day in my second job that made me try to solve it. In other words, I felt more fruitful and useful in this kind of job.

Furthermore, doing various tasks provides people the opportunity to improve their skills and therefore leads to feeling more secure in this competitive job market today. For example, the people equipped with different skills and experiences, are less concerned about their job security since they believed in their skills compared with someone that has done a determined and repeated work every day. In fact, a skillful person knows that if there is any problem that causes him to miss his/her job, he is able to find a new job easily. As a result, without worrying about his/her future work, he/she can enjoy his/her current job.

From what has been discussed, we can safely reach the conclusion that getting involved in various tasks in comparison with constant tasks has a significant effect on increasing the quality of people’s lives and it helps feel more satisfied with their lives.


Hello Fati and welcome to our forum. What kind of impact do you think have new technologies such as AI, blockchain, smart contracts and data science when it comes to careers and the role of work in general? Do you think that full-time employment for everyone is still possible in the future? Many thanks, Torsten

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Could you please check my writing please?
Working is an indispensable need among people all over the world. Specially, in modern societies, having some tasks to do not also cause workers to feel emotionally better but also, leads them for better opportunities. Regarding the topic question, some workers are satisfied by similar tasks all day long, while others prefer to doing various types of tasks during the workday. I personally believe that the latter would be better due to some crucial reasons in the following.

The first reason that I should be taken into consideration is that, different types of tasks during the day can cause employees to develop their talents. To be more specific, if they do different more tasks, they will be able to understand what possibility they have. Therefore, they can experience self confidence in which I believe that leads to feel satisfied about the job and also themselves. For instance, My husband recently has found a job in a big company. He works very hard during the workday. Instead, he feels satisfied about his job because his manager encourage him about all of his potentials.

There is also a subtle point about having many different types of tasks. I believe that doing similar things brings me nothing more than wasting time. On the other hand, various tasks confront a lot of challenges. Thus by solving all of these challenges you can prepare for better job opportunities. I would like to bring an example from my own experience. Two years ago I had a job in a small company in Germany. Although this company had not a good rating in programming field, we didn’t do similar tasks. I always faced a lot of new tasks and challenges that made strengthened my skills to apply for BMW company. So on my opinion this is the best way for achieving future opportunities.

To sum up, all people have different thoughts about whether many different tasks or just similar ones. Own have their own pros and cons. In my view, having different tasks not also brings me to feel proud of my self but also, caused me to gain robust skills along with competitors.

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Working is a necessary aspect of life for people all over the world. In modern societies, having a variety of tasks to do not only improves workers’ emotional well-being but also leads to better opportunities. Some workers are content with doing similar tasks all day long, while others prefer to have a diverse range of tasks throughout the workday. I personally believe that the latter is better for several reasons.

The first reason to consider is that different types of tasks throughout the day can help employees develop their talents. Specifically, by doing a variety of tasks, employees can discover their strengths and build self-confidence, which leads to job satisfaction. For example, my husband recently found a job at a large company. He works hard during the workday, but he feels satisfied with his job because his manager encourages him to explore his potential.

Another benefit of having many different types of tasks is that it keeps the work interesting and engaging. Doing the same thing over and over can be monotonous and a waste of time. On the other hand, various tasks present many challenges, and by solving them, you can prepare for better job opportunities in the future. I experienced this firsthand when I worked at a small company in Germany. Although the company was not highly rated in the programming field, we were given a wide range of tasks and challenges that strengthened my skills, which helped me land a job at BMW.

In conclusion, opinions vary on whether having many different tasks or similar ones is better. Both have their pros and cons. In my opinion, having different tasks not only makes me feel proud of myself, but it also helps me gain robust skills that make me more competitive in the job market.

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