work for a large company or a small company

Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer to work for a small company. Which would you prefer? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

Most people prefer to work for a large company because they think that they have more competitive to improve themselves. Moreover, everyone always wants a comfortable workplace with a suitable salary and working for a large company is their big dream. However, in my opinion, I will prefer to work for a small company if I am at the beginning of my career.

First of all, working for a small company you can learn different tasks and skills which have no opportunities for you when working for a large company. As you know, a small company does not employ so many people. You have to learn how to perform in different areas manage with all situations that you have never meet or study at school. The more different knowledge you get, the more ideas you have. In fact, you can get more experience in a small company than in a large company because you just need to concentrate on your field when working in a large company. There is another part, another people to continue your work. However, in a small company, you have to do until you finish your work because it does not have enough people to do different parts.

Furthermore, working for a small company you have more opportunities to work for a big company with high position and dream salary. You are able to get financial aid from the company to attend specialization classes because of lack of staffs. That would be a very valuable for your knowledge and your career. This is your advantage when you apply for a new job in a large company with good curriculum vitae. In small companies, you have more freedom to put my thoughts into action. For example, you may easily have the access to talk to the boss if any constructive idea jumps into your mind. Furthermore, it is more likely for me to be a leader myself in a small company than in a large one.

In summary, I would rather take a small company as my choice where I can improve working abilities and experiences and finally fulfill my dream of a successful career with owning my own company.

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