Words 'leave and famous' and the usage of 'that way'

Hello! How are you?

My questions:

1.- I am intereseted in how ‘that way’
is used in English. I?ve always heard,
for instance, ?he did it that way?

But, sometimes I think of examples and
I don?t know if I use it correctly.

E.X. He just gets money by cheating

Can I say ‘He just gets money THAT WAY’
Obviously, you must imagine I mentioned
before something related to ?cheating?.

2.- Can I use the adjective ?famous?with people
to mean ?celebrities??

Famous people= celebrities?

3.- The verb ‘leave’. I know I can use it
, for instance, with home.

I left home yesterday.

Can I use it with people too?

I leave you for good tomorrow. :frowning:

Thanks a lot!