Words combination: "reason ... because" (Incorrect)

While studying English I found this website about “Common English mistakes” from somebody`s website on the internet which does not include any grammar explanations/an English grammar link as of why this should be the case.
I am again here asking for help :0)

There are two “wrong” sentences, which examples include the words “reason” and “because” shown as wrong and honestly I use them myself in the same way. If someone could please help me out by including a grammar point of view and/or suggest me a useful link that might bring me grammar light on this subject, I will appreciated it.

  1. “reason” … “because” is not correct. Say “reason” … “that”

Wrong : The “reason” I came late was “because” I overslept…

Right : The “reason” I came late was “that” I overslept.

Wrong : The “reason” that he makes poor grades is “because” of his poor study habits.

Right : The reason that ( or why ) he makes poor grades is his poor study habits.

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Hello Cisco,

“Because” means "for the reason that:

  1. He missed the bus because he was late =
  2. He missed the bus [for the reason that] he was late.

If we say:

  1. The reason that he was late was because he missed the bus.

we are saying:

  1. The reason that he was late was [for the reason that] he missed the bus.

which in effect presents us with the reason for the reason, not the reason itself.

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MrPedantic, Very well explained, it helped me to thoroughly understand the whole concept of the meaning, I trully appreciate you kind assistance. God Bless you.

You’re welcome!

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