words burning my mind today

I want to have a place where I can share words which have given some insight for me.
Today words are:

  1. differ, defer
  2. lead (noun), leader

Please, feel free to write your own burning words.

PS: I’m not quite sure of correctness of topic. But it seems in the sense of a sense it does :slight_smile:

Do you have any questions about those words?

The word is “sure.” It’s “sense.” It’s “which.” The pronoun “I” is always uppercase. It is "words which have done … " because “words” is plural. “Insight” cannot be done, though it can be given, obtained or learned. Only acts or things requiring action – homework, housework, math problems, puzzles, etc. – can be done. “Insight” is a quality or an example of such a quality, and therefore it does not meet that standard.

Thank you, Mordant.
I have made corrections. And just wondering now, google had translated first variant of my message! With all grammatical mistakes.
About those numbered words themselves I have only minor questions. My main goal was to start a deal.

About uppercase “I” I know. But recently I had some conversation with native speaker in ICQ and he always writes “i”. And I started doing it here, just because uppercase annoys me.
Frequent using of “I” annoys me too. Can you suggest speach tricks how to use “I” less frequently ?

Alehro, you should not want to avoid “I” in speech. What word is more natural for references to oneself than “I”? Can you imagine how awkward it would sound to say “A glass of water is wanted.” And suppose someone asks who wants it. What will you be forced to say? “I.” Suppose you want to be a lawyer. “It is desired that the profession of law will be entered.” And someone will ask “Who wants to enter the legal profession?” You will, of course, answer “I do.” Avoiding “I” will make your speech ungainly, impersonal, vague and stuffy. If you have no biases against the other personal pronouns, what could be wrong with “I”?

You may see and hear all sorts of incorrect grammar, especially on the Internet. Nevertheless, you should not use it here, as it might mislead others.

I still don’t understand your questions about the words in the original post, because you have not asked any. I also do not understand what you mean when you say you wanted to make a deal. To make a deal means to form an agreement requiring action by all involved parties. I’m afraid the intention of your thread is just as unclear now as it was when you posted it.

Thank you, Mordant for your replies. I hope, that continuation of topic will explain of my intentions. There exist analogous topics: “Speaking English for 20 seconds a day?”, “Let’s play…” And this is just variation. Currently I’m reading two English books and such a topic very suitable for that activity. I hope that someone else will find it appropriate for himself. And we will discuss some associations to our daily activity. It may be worth to move this topic to “What do you want to talk about?” forum.

So, continuation:
3) Genus - one of the groups into which scientists divide animals or plants, in which the animals or plants are closely related but cannot produce babies together.
Species - a group of animals or plants whose members are similar and can breed together to produce young animals or plants.

How could I miss such interesting details when I was going to school!

Best regards.