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To get the higher score for GMAT is not a miracle, as long as you are doing in a proper way! To uncover this “secret”, I have spent much time to investigate many students who achieved the GMAT test with the score above 740.

The answer is very simple and incredible, just they practiced on the EXCELLENT TESTS including Real Exercises and Simulated Exercises. You may ask me how they can get the EXCELLENT TESTS. To answer this question, I would like to say that Chinese are really make great efforts in studying English and passing those exams, therefore,I have collected extraordinary Real Exercises from many Chinese sources and many successful people and gathered wonderful Simulated Exercises which helped me to overcome the GMAT test in 2005.

The main goal and target of this website is to give you the best opportunity to practice “EXCELLENT TESTS” and get ideal score! Although a saying goes “No pain, no gain”, my website says “Less cost, more harvest!” In addition, I also provide many free review materials that might be the complementary for your study.

I Hope that those precious GMAT materials could help you fulfill you dreams!

Good luck to all of you!

If you are interested in documents and samples about GMAT, Please surf http://www.geocities.com/gmatisok/index.html or contact gmatisok@yahoo.ca

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Hi! only small sized samples are avaliable for free download!!! Do you have full lenth samples? if so, could you please share youe samples?


can you send me GMAT official 11th by email ?


Now I am preparing for my GMAT tests. The course books Turbocharge Your GMAT and Official Guide For GMAT from Manhattan Review are very helpful. Before I started preparing for GMAT I thought I would do better in math than in English, because English is a foreign language for me (my native language is Ukrainian). But when I first tried practice test I was surprised to find out that my proficiency in English is much higher than in math: I had approximately 70% correct answers in Verbal section and approximately 50% in math section. I think it happened because we don’t study some math courses in schools in my country (e.g.
Combinatorics)and the second reason is I last studied math when I was at school - it was about 10 years ago, so I lost some math skills. But now I do better in math, because it’s easier for me to renew math skills I had than to develop skills in English. So I have greater progress in math than in Verbal section.

What I like the most about Turbocharge Your GMAT course is Vocabulary lists. The other courses don’t provide such lists, but for me as a foreigner it is very important to learn the words that may appear in GMAT.

For example, I was afraid not to understand a task in math section or to misunderstand it, and not to give correct answer to relatively easy question just because I didn’t understand the data or the question. But after I learned Math Vocabulary list I very seldom misunderstand a task. Now the hardest GMAT task for me is Reading comprehension, because my vocabulary sometimes is not enough to understand a text, especially if it is historic matter. So now I am learning words from Vocabulary lists. Now I study hard every day, because I realize I am at a disadvantage in comparison to test takers, whose native language is English. The other my weak point is I have never studied business (my field is Education), so it’s much more harder for me to write assay on business issue than for people who studied business while gaining their bachelor degree. But realizing my weaknesses I can work to improve my weak skill. I don’t have much time for it. I am going to take GMAT on October 3. I hope I get a good score!

Hey, how did you do on your GMAT?

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I am preparing for Gmat test in a month. If someone can assist in providing material for GMAT like ebooks, Online practice tests or any other help. I will be very grateful to you.