'wonder about sth.' vs. 'wonder sth.'

Hi, what exactly is the difference between wonder something and wonder about something?
I’ve come across the following sentence:

Langdon had actually been wondering that himself.

And now I wonder if the sentence could be changed into

Langdon had actually been wondering about that himself.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Torsten

Isn’t it the case that “wonder about” would be followed by a noun or noun phrase and “wonder” followed by a clause?

In your example the word “that” assumedly replaces an entire clause. AND it sounds like someone else has just said something like “I wonder why John hasn’t arrived yet”, so when Langdon says “that”, he would be specifically referring to an “I wonder why” construction. It would seem logical for Langdon to then use “wonder that”.

But I think if Langdon were thinking about some clause or sentence simply as “that topic”, then saying “wonder about that” would be OK.

Just my two cents. :smiley:


Well Amy what springs to mind is that the sentence

Landgon had been wondering that might have the same structure as
Landgon had been pondering that and those two lines even rhyme.

Just another thought…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten

Coming out of an American mouth, the only part of those two words (wondering/pondering) that rhymes is the “-ndering” part. :lol:

Ah, the inexplicable mysteries of English!
Why on earth does ponder rhyme with wander when wonder rhymes with thunder ? :lol: