women should be allowed to play equal roles as men in military forces and police?

Some people think that women should be allowed to play equal roles as men in military forces and police forces. Others believe that women are not suited for this kind of work. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is irrefutable that nowadays there are many more opportunities for women compared with men. For example, in most countries, women have the right to education, to vote or to be voted. Some people think that women have the right to join the military forces and police forces as men. But others argue that women did not have enough courage and strong body contrasted with men for this kind of work. In my view, it is time to adopt a new point of view that women can join the army.

To begin with, many countries now have legislations that allow women to do whatever job they want, and women have social responsibilities to protect their motherland when war breaks out. Seventy years ago, thousands of women joined the army to against the Japanese fascism in China. And now, China’s first batch of female pilots has been flying in the sky. Secondly, female soldiers have special functions in army, take medical nurses for example, they take good care of the injured in front line, relief their pain quickly and assist doctors to make them recovered, and then man can go back to battlefield. In addition, women are better than men in some special mission, such as spy. Last but not least, in modern society, technology is developing fast. The typical characteristic of modern weapons is automation and digitization. At the same time, it is an indisputable fact that most of female have the mental ability and the psychological soundness to operate the high-automated weapons.

On the other hand, another factor we should take into consideration is that female soldiers’ stay in the army and police force is shorter than the male soldiers, as they have another profession waiting for them: mother. So they have to retire earlier. This, in terms of the training cost, incurs losses to the country.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that, women have ability and rights to join military force and police force. Woman and man both can dedicate themselves to safeguard their country, which can be prosperous by their joined power.

I think this topic is very hard to find sufficient reasons to support or against in short time. if you have any advice to me, i would greatly appreciate for your help. Thanks very much.

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