Women and age


In our culture asking a woman’s age is supposed to be very indecent . Is the same in America , England and other countries?


PS: If I asked male moderators “How old are you, Sirs?”, would they mind and answer? :smiley: :shock:

I am 26+, for that matter.

Hi Tom

How many months is “+”? :lol:

To answer your question, I wouldn’t call it “indecent” to ask a woman’s age in the US, but it’s probably not advisable unless you already know the woman very well. :lol: (Even then you might have to be careful.)

If you ask a new acquaintance how old they are, you may well get a counter question such as “How old do you think I am?” And then, God forbid if you don’t underestimate enough! :lol:


I’ve decided that I’m also 26+. However, in my case, the “+” indicates quite a few years. :wink:

:lol: :lol:

Tom, I agree with Amy, you’d better not ask :slight_smile: ! It just isn’t done. For many people, it’s a taboo question, like asking about their income or the money they have.