Within easy reach

How to use “within easy reach of”


Can you please allow me to make again a Topic for My questions ??

I know you refused this before but my first Exam is in two days and there is another one in t2o weeks And I may Ask too many questions in these days (separately because there are other exams between them)

Our hotel was within easy reach of the shopping centre.
The guest house was within easy reach of the airport.

Close to/easy to get to.

Can It be

It is within easy reach of me ?

Yes, you could say something was within easy reach of you, if by ‘you’ you meant the place where you were at that point.

You might also say that something was within easy reach in a context such as this:
Do you have the figures for tomorrow’s meeting?
Just a second and I’ll get them.
Oh, don’t worry right now, I don’t want to disturb you.
No, you aren’t disturbing me, they’re within easy reach - they’re sitting on the corner of my desk.