Within and during

Hello Alan and Torsten! I don’t get the difference between the using within and during . For instance,
" You must answer within 3 days " and " You must answer during 3 days"
Thank you

Hi Thinker,

Let me explain: ‘within’ is usually followed by a defifinite time period and it refers to the extent of the period indicating how long something happens or must be done. Sometimes you get a letter saying that you will get a prize if you reply within 10 days - in other words you must reply before the period of 10 days finishes. Again you telephone an emergency service and an ambulance arrives within 20 minutes - in other words after 20 minutes has gone by. The preposition ‘during’ is less specific and relates to a more general period of time and at times throughout that period. An example: During the summer most people take their annual holiday - in other words at some times in the summer but not through the whole summer. It is used as follows: during the day, during the night, during the morning and so on to indicate some times in those periods.


Hi Alan! Thank you very much.