With that being said...

With that being said it is also important for the teachers to know their rights and the limits set forth by the law.

What do you mean by with that being said?
Can you give me an example of it please?


Can you explain down below more easily?

The meaning is practically the same suggesting something is accepted before the next point is mentioned. The use however needs some caution. That being said or mpre simply That said at the beginning of the sentence can be followed by any subject. If you start a sentence with: Having said that, you will then have to make sure that the following subject relates to the speaker of the expression.

With that being said is said after making a point. For example, “Seagulls always nest near the ocean”. This is generally true, however sometimes maybe they nest far from the ocean. So, to explain we would say: “Seagulls nest near the ocean. With that being said, they are sometimes known to next miles from the ocean, however that is rare”.

So, you make a point or explain something. However, there is sometimes an exception to what you explained or you need to warn the reader about something that could make the first explanation not true.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Do you think I used the term, ‘with that being said’ right in my writing?

It is very crucial that teachers must understand their basic rights and responsibilities under the law. The law regarding education keeps changing nowadays, and this affects school board, districts, teachers, students, and parents. In a short term, the education system is surrounded by the law which means if s/he does not follow a rule or breaks the rule, s/he might end up in the court for the worst case. That is why understanding the education law is essential because it is a way to protect yourself and being responsible to people around you. It also makes schools orderly structured and gives you guideline to lead your students and their parents within law. With that being said, schools, teachers, students, and parents can respect and understand each other more. There would be less ratio to coss a line.