With sorry, is it real or fake?

Hi teachers,

With sorry, is it real or fake? Correct it, please.

Many thanks.

Can we have some more context? I’m not very sure what you mean, especially the “With sorry” part.

It’s possible you mean something like “Is your ‘sorry’ real or fake?”

I mean if we ask a question but we anticipate that the person we are going to ask a question may be offened so we apologize/say sorry in advance.

Sorry, but is it real or fake?
Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude / to offend you / to cause offence, but is it real or fake?

Sorry to butt in, but couldn’t but share the joke I just overheard about Israelis (having a reputation for being straightforward): A reporter says to an Israeli, a Russian and an American, “Excuse me, can I get your opinion on the food shortage in Africa?” The Russian says: “What’s an opinion?” The American says: “What’s a shortage?” and the Israeli says: “What’s ‘Excuse me’?”

Thank you, Dozy.