With or without mobile phones ?

With the improvement of technology, mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our lives. Because of their convenience and improvements, we now can make a phone call from any spot on our planet Earth. That’s why I am in favor of them.

To begin with, they are very useful and parents can always call their children whenever they want and make sure they are fine. Being in Europe and your relatives in the USA, you need a way to connect with them without spending so much money for airplane tickets and “wasting” your time. Here comes the iPhone, for example, from which you can even lead a Video call and see how your cousin or uncle and aunt are doing. It’s so convenient.

Improvements such as the integrated GPS system, has made it easy for drivers to never “wander” in a foreign country. Just fill in the address and you have reached the place. Wi-Fi has turned mobile phones into small and handy gadgets. And Facebook, being so addictive, will be one touch away from your touchscreen phone.

I personally use them to call my friends whenever I feel miserable, euphoric, you name it. Making appointments with them is so easy. And not to miss the texting, which I have been using quite a lot recently. I have come to the conclusion that a text can make you much happier than a phone call, when you least expect it.

All in all, having a mobile phone nowadays is absolutely  necessary. You may not be able to survive without one, because you will be tempted by its usefulness at any time whenever you need it.

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