Wish+past simple or present simple!

Dear professors et al.

I have three quetions that I would like professors el al. to help me regarding to Wish!

  1. What does the sentence " I wish you were like that forever" actually mean??

  2. Seperately from question one, is the sentence " I hope you are like that forever = I wish you were like that forever"?? In this sense, I want to use this sentence–I wish you were like that forever-- to make a wish for someone; and I don’t care that person will act or won’t act like what I wish or not. Is it right?

  3. Can I use the verb wish with present simple verbs??

For example:
I wish+pronounces+main verbs

  • I wish she comes.
  • I wish you are happy.
  • I wish you will go.
  • I wish you understan.
  • I wish he is here.

I would appreciate you great help and kindness.



I [color=blue]wish…you a very happy and healthy language…dear Long…!