will be sent vs would be sent.

please,when do we use “will be sent” and" would be sent".I thought past participle(sent) cannot be used after (will) because i see (will) to be for the future ,so it baffles me as to why it could be followed by a past participle(sent).


I was wondering whether this bad dialogue of mine might be helpful:

Tom: The package will be sent on Monday.

Sue: Were you talking with Tom earlier today?

Joe: Yes, I was.

Sue: What did Tom tell you?

Joe: Oh, he SAID that the package WOULD be sent on Monday.

According to the rules, since Joe used the past tense “said,” then everything else “should” be in the past. But native speakers might actually say, “Oh, he said/ says that the package WILL be sent on Monday.”


thanks mr.james

You are very welcome.