Why would anyone want to call someone “Tiny Tim”?

A mother is reading (aloud) a wish list of her kid:
“Ok. Soccer ball, renewed subscription to Martha Steward living, karaoky video game, for grandpa never to go away. Oh, Justin. Don’t worry he’s gonna be ……….”
Looking in the window:
“Who moved all our decorations?”
Justin (her son): “And what’s Santa doing to that Elf?”
Mother: “This has the skunk prints of Gena Gembarro all over it”
Justin: “We did run over her Christmas tree and Christmas is a time of love and forgiveness”
Mother: “Grow up, Tiny Tim! This means war.”

Tiny Tim, was the son of Bob Cratchette, a fictional character in the book and film
" Scrooge ". aka " A Christmas Carol ".

He was a little crippled boy, dearly loved by his whole family. But it was feared he was about to die, until he was rescued by the kindness of Mr. Scrooge, a renowned miser, who was transformed overnight into a different person, having been visited by three spirits.

A classic Dickens story, highly recommended to those who have never read it.


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