Why studying english is important?

I want your reply for this question :smiley:
for me,stydying English is very important because english is the most common language and if you know English you can know many interesting things :slight_smile:
Iam from Kuwait and I talk in Arabic
and I studied English at intermediate and secondary school like a second language,but now at university all books in english approximately because Iam in college of engineering and petrolum.Also I have studied french for one course in secondary school :smiley:
sorry for this big topic and thanks for reading :smiley: :smiley:
I hope that you will reply as soon as possiple

I can’t say that English has always been vital for me. Well, nobody asked me what language I wanted to learn so I was sent to English school. I’ve been studying it for 14 years already and that’s a kind of necessity for me to study it deeper & deeper. But it really helps! Mom and Dad always buy some things with an instruction in English…so, they always ask me for help…Besides, nowadays in Russia you cannot find a good job without knowing a foreign language, particularly English… So that’s the problem as I see it…