Why 'social distancing' is the wrong term

In order to help flatten the curve our governments are urging us to exercise ‘social distancing’. I don’t think this is the correct term because after all we also refer to digital platforms like Facebook and Twitter as ‘social media’. Instead of ‘social distancing’ we should use the term ‘physical distancing’.


Hi Torsten,

The trouble with ‘physical distancing’ doesn’t really indicate any suggestion of communicating verbally/socially. Our older son and his family came round to our house this weekend through a separate sideway and we communicated from the conservatory with them in the garden. We followed the rules. Not only were they at least 2 meters away but separated by double glazing. We had an enjoyable meeting even if we had to shout!!


I agree completely. :smiley: Communicating with others using Facebook and Twitter merely keeps us at physical distance from each other. But what I think goverments mean by urging not ?‘uring’? (new verb perhaps) social distancing is that you really shouldn’t invite family and friends or go and visit them. So, no, I wouldn’t use ‘physical distancing.’ By the way social distancing also includes remain at a distance for about 1.5 meters from whoever you meet when taking a walk.


I’m sure you have a hoarse voice now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ecxuse me, what does ‘uring’ mean? :hibiscus:

@Torsten: :wink: That is much better, don’t you think?

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