why people attend college

Nowadays, students who graduated from high schools want to enter colleges increasingly. They want to obtain better jobs with higher – salary in the competitive work market. There are numerous reasons leading to it. In my eyes, three points account for it. I will introduce these reasons and explain to you in the essay.

To begin with, in recently, parents endow higher expectations on their children than ever before, they almost force their children to attend universities. The reason is that they believe once their children enter the university, they will have a bright future in their later lives. For instance, they will have a higher opportunity to receive better jobs which offer more money than other people who do not go to the universities. Take my brother for an example, after he graduated from the high school he wanted to start his own business by opening a small shop in his hometown instead of going to the university. However his parents did not in favor of him and insisted to require him to have further study in colleges strongly. The reason was that other people’s children who went to the universities all have a higher salary jobs than those who did not in the same country.

What’s more, attending universities can help us broaden our horizon and expand our minds. I will illustrate the point by using an example of one of my friends. My friend who named Peter was interested in the computer when he was very young. He often discussed some profound questions about the computer with his classmates in his spare time. Besides, he also studied the book called computer science which was taught in the university by himself in high school. After he entered the university, he toke nearly all the curriculums about the computer. And under his professors’ teaching, he learned abundant knowledge in the domain of the computer. And he got the championship in the knowledge competition about computer which organized by his university.

Moreover, attending the college will make you to have higher chance to get an agreeable job. Besides, the better your university is the higher choice you will be chosen by employers. As we all known that, whether you attending a university or not can make a great distance when you hunting a job in the job market. Since in the university you can not only learn the knowledge of your major which you are interested in, but also improve the abilities to corporation and solving problem which play a significant role in your later career. Companies are found of the people who are high quality in all areas not only the major field. Therefore, when two applicants are competing for a same job, the employer will always prefer to choose the people who have a higher education background.

In summary, attending a university will improve the quality of your whole life. Thus, if we have chance, we should spare no effort to enter the college.

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