Why not "It may seems"?


Why we say “It may seem” instead of “It may seems”?

I’ve googled, but no results till now! <-- Is this sentence correct? (sorry that this question is not related to issue, but really didn’t worth a dedicated topic!)

Thank you.

It’s simply the correct form of that voice in that tense
It may seem / he may seem / she may seem / they may seem.

It’s just the way the language works: modal verbs like “may” are followed by the verb infinitive, not by any inflected form of the verb.

“I’ve googled, but no results till now!” means that at first you didn’t find any results, but now you have found a result. I think you may mean “I’ve googled, but no results so far”, which means that you have not yet found any results.

Oh my god! I was so stupid.
Thank you!

Yes, as you mentioned, I was going to say “yet” but I just wrote “till now” instead (that was a mistake). I didn’t know that. Thank you very much.