Why is this wrong?

Hey, I’m practising tenses and here are two examples I don’t understand fully so I would like to ask you to explain them to me.

Soon after _____(make) the Olympic swimming squad, she heard older girls discussing male hormone dosages.
My solution: having made
The solution from the key: making

Not long after the Olympics she was admitted to hospital, ________(suffer) from inflammation of the ovaries.
My solution: having suffered
The solution from the key: suffering

Okay, maybe the second one is really more sensible if only -ing form is used but still… when it comes to grammar, why are they wrong? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that kind of structure (having+past participle) somewhere but I can’t recall where… So WHEN is it correct to use that structure if it exists, of course?

Ignore the meaning of the sentences as much as possible, they are taken from an old article and probably don’t make much sense to someone who hasn’t read it. :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Cerise,

In your first sentence, ‘having made’ is not really wrong, but it is completely unnecessary since the word ‘after’ clearly establishes the order of the past events. Thus ‘making’ is more than enough.

In your second sentence, ‘having suffered’ would suggest that the suffering ended BEFORE she was admitted to the hospital. That doesn’t make sense in the context.

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Thank you so much. :slight_smile: