Why is my dog less intelligent than my sister's?

I already finished to read the last topic about possesive adjetives… and I’ll tell you something about myself… :stuck_out_tongue:
My name is Carmen and I have a pet its name is Ramona it’s 1 year old, and I have two sisters their names are Vero and Montse…
Vero also has a dog, its name is Odie, her dog is more intelligent than mine… :frowning:
ok that’s all
I’ll write soon!
Best regards

Hi Carmen,

Thanks lot for your message. How do you know Odie is more intelligent than Ramona?

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Hi Torten!!!
Actually I don’t know if my dog (Ramona) is more intelligent than Vero’s (Odie), but her dog always does that you say, if you say it “get out!!” it gets out!!!, so that’s the reason!!! and something else… :oops:

Dear all!
The stoty is funny! But I thought a dog isn’t more intelligent than Vero. 'Cause She or you can said that: “Get out!!, It gets out”. and with a dog can said that? It can “go go” only!

hi Drquangsam…
I thing you didn’t understand my story, :? because my sister’s name is Vero, and her dog is Odie… and I have a dog, its name is Ramona, so Odie is more intelligent than Ramona… because it always do that you say… really!!!

Do you have pets??? :roll: