Why is music important to many people?

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People listen to music for different reasons and at different times. Why is music important to many people? Use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.

Art has been known as the most significant feature which has always been taken into account in order to study history of an empire, nation or a place. Whatever seems to be scenic or pleasing is produced via a special skill or ability which is known as an artistic work. Nowadays, music also is known as one the most attractive joys of folk. Each of the artistic work has some reasons to be noticeable for the fans and anthropologists (as an interesting issue to evaluate different generations of people in different spot of the world). A question arises here is to what extend music is regarded important for most of people. A couple of music aspects that makes it powerful are written in the following for having a more profound analysis.

First and foremost, people who have been living these days are engaged with a lot of hardships which poses a lot of physical and spiritual problems for them. The proliferation of their problems is due to their more stress for their work load in order to have a luxurious life style. So, people are used to do something to have a better relaxation and forgetting whatever have been happened in their work places. Music could be regarded as an easily accessible everywhere and every time to have a better feeling. Actually, music could be listened to have an unrealistic happiness by listening the exaggerative happiness that is held in a specific music.

Second, as music have been popular, the vast majority of populace in different countries have listened and followed their own favorite singers’ music. This makes a special power for the high-caliber singers. Furthermore, some singers have decided to extend their attitude about a social problems, a culture, a religion, and a policy that is held in a certain country in order to use their own power to change the problems that had annoyed them. Take, for instance, Shadmehr who is a Persian pop singer is living in the USA decided to make a special music video for the sake of those who had been arrested for having complained against biased behavior that is held in the country. Consequently, a widespread unhappiness for this happening was extended among people in the world and then the government have been obliged to unleash the arrested ones. In a word, there is a lot of historic problems that have been solved by the content of a music or what have been narrated in a music about that issue.

Taking all of the mentioned aspects of music importance into account makes it clear that music is not known just as a facility for having a fun time but could be regarded as a way to warn people about problems. Moreover, many a severe problem that has been solved by having been published a music about that issue. Finally, music will bring a better future and happier moments for us, if the singers keep going in the correct way.

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