Why do you wanna learn English or New Language?!

I think everyone must know 2 or 3 Languages why???
coz when you wanna go another country or Abroad, you need their language right!!
If you wanna go to School , Shopping , University or other places you just need a LANGUAGE ok
You belive me!!! maybe you went to chat room , could you communicate with for example A Turkish Person , A Mexican Person … you must ( have to) know his (her) language
What do you think?
tell me


I definitely agree with your idea. Language, especially the worldwide language such as english must be able to be spoken. In this modern era, era of global friendship, we meet people from different countries with different languages, we need english to able to communicate each other.

So far, english helps me so much improve my horizon and friendship since I can make friends with people around the world. So i think it’s such a shame if we’re unable to speak and comprehend english.

What do you think? I’m looking forward to knowing from you.

Best regards,

Made Sariada

Yeah, it’s true. Learning English is very important because it will open a whole new world of endless opportunities.

If one knows and comprehends English, he/she will have access to vast knowledge resources (books and other reading/listening/viewing materials which are written in English).


I entirely agree with you! English is the international language therefore to know English is very important. Especially for the ones who have to communicate with foreigners - if you speak English, there are much more chances that you will be understood than if you speak, say, Esperanto (another international language, by the way).

Another great thing about knowing several languages - the more languages you know, the more friends all over the world you have, and that’s great! And the more languages you know, the easier to study another language! For example, Slavonic languages are so alike that, knowing one language (Russian, for example) you usually can easily understand another (say, Ukrainian). The same is true for the other languages - German, Romanic etc. And when studying foreign languages, you better get to know about that countries, nations etc.

So in my opinion, it’s great to know as much langs as possible!

thank you my friends 8)