Why do you think some people are attracted to dangerous sports or others dangerou

Why do you think some people are attracted to dangerous sports or others dangerous activities? Use specific reasons and answer to support your answer.


Doing something different is a new way that many people are craving for. With the support of modern technologies, their desire to experience new feeling by trying a dangerous sport or others hazardous activities is no longer far-away from their hands. The question is why there is an increasing number of people all over the world who get hook of trying those kinds of perilous and unsafe activities. As far as I am concerned, people want to try those things because of the following reasons.

First and foremost, doing new things that quite different to the ordinary activities they do everyday make people happy. Even though some dangerous sports such as sky-diving, climbing mountain, and so on are considered the last choices in the list of available sports of many people, there are still a lot of people attracted by these kinds of activities and they really want to try them once in their life time. This is not the rare trend nowadays, but the popular one. In addition, people participate/engage/take part in those activities because of not only these are their interests, but also these bring them the sense of satisfy and contentment.

Second, engaging in dangerous sport, they can experience new things that they have never had been before. Participating in adventurous club, learning a lot of skills, and preparing for their journal are some of a numbers of activities that they could do before trying hazardous activities. Moreover, going to a spectacular place to climb the mountain, participating in parachuting club, to name a few, are some vivid examples that they can gain a great deal of interesting experience. They also can foster their cross-cultural understanding by going to different regions with diverse culture for them to acquire.

Last but not least, by playing dangerous sports and other hazardous activities, they can find out their potential talent and other abilities that they have not known before they do it. There are still a lot of people who discover their unique ability by doing dangerous things. Let me take an example. My uncle, Ho, used to a person who scared to look down from a high altitude, but thanks to the training of Vietnamese military aviation, he became a great pilot of Vietnamese Air force. Furthermore, this is more meaningful to him because not only he can become a well-known and competent pilot, but he also can find out his true aptitude-flying in the sky.

In summary, the fact that many people are inclining to play dangerous sports or unsafe activities is undeniable. Doing these things makes them happy, brings them new experience and helps them find out their true talent. In my opinion, everyone can play dangerous sports if they desire to do that.
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