why do you think people attend college and university

I think everyone should take education, at least attend school or college in his/her relevant age. This idea could be justified with many ways and the global world where we live today proves this statement in the every step of our life.
I would like to argue my thought taking into account my statement above. Firstly, we live in the world where more countries build their economy based on the capitalism rules. It means that if you want to survive you should take care about your life and your family by you own. It is not socialism, and you have to serve to your government or to the enterprises to earn money for your life. Finding good job is essential in this context, and for this purpose you should have good educational background and experiences.
Secondly, from my point of view, to bring up useful citizens for your country demands to have in society more educated parents. Education is lights that could show us the right way when we are in the difficulties and on the border of doing something bad. Let me give you one example. Today, everybody knows what is going on in Afghanistan. A lot of international efforts are given to this country. Trust funds, regional cooperation, fight against narco-trafficking, are in this list. But international community is not able to solve the problem properly. The reason is that the education level in this country is not sufficient. The most people in this country think that the narco- harvesting is profitable and easy way of earning money. They don’t give more attention to education in theirs family.
In conclusion, I would like summarize my ideas about education. Educations is the valuable investment to our life that we gain it throughout colleges, universities. Taking part at the universities and colleges people can get the education and experiences which would be very useful in their future life.

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Hi Lilly, I thought your essay was pretty good. You have addressed the prompt well and have some good reasons that are supported by detailed examples. I would suggest making sure your topic sentences include a clear reason supporting your thesis. You also have quite a few grammatical errors and awkward sounding phrases. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

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