Why do you think it is that people's lives are longer now?

According to the latest statistical research, the average life span of human being is pushing the limit of 80 years old, which has risen by % 100 comparing to early the 20th century. Developments that play an important role in prolonging life are innovations in technology, better life conditions and advancement in the healthcare field. Let us focus on these as follows.

In the first place, in recent decades, technology has rapidly progressed, and it has resulted in shifting from manpower to mechanical power. Nowadays, almost everywhere, we utilize mechanical devices, such as means of transportation, household appliance and so on, and they has noticeably facilitated our life. For instance, before inventing of washing- machine and dish-washer, women were spending the biggest part of their time by washing dishes and washes by hand. On the contrary, today, they push only on the start button and during the rest time enjoy themselves.

Moreover, admittedly, we are living today more on welfare by comparison in the past, since we can , for example, eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits whenever we want, do sport or go to the gym to be fit, and are well informed concerning what we should do for being healthy. In contrast to this, our parents did do a lot of thing without knowing whether it is harmful or not. Furthermore, they was nourished not properly. By way of illustration, my father can eat only seasonal fruits during his childhood. Therefore, he had usually illness, due to lacking required vitamins.

Besides advancement in technology and life conditions, innovations in medical and health sector have had the most crucial influence in prolonging life expectation. Nowadays, thanks to using effective drugs and high-tech medical devices can be beaten seemingly implacable disease. Additionally, people are more resistant owing to effective vaccination campaign. Until second world war, diseases are more fatal than wars. It should not be forgotten that black death caused decrease in the european population by %30 to 60 %.

In a nutshell, thanks to progresses in every segment of life, the prosperity of life has risen remarkably, and imminent, life expectancy is hitting the eighty-year mark.
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