why cant i say i've been knowing him for 2 years

can any body tell me why the above sentence is wrong

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You need to say,"I’ve known him for two years.

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hi dad, i know the correct term , i just need to know why " ive been knowing him for 2 years " is not the correct grammer, in a bit more detail. i got a class next week and need to expalin the reason why

i think " to know" is one of “non-continious” verbs. that’s why one can’t say “I have been knowing him…etc”.
neither you can say “I’m knowing” . The right choise is “I know”

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I’ve found the link: englishpage.com/verbpage/types.html

thanks Deniz, can i really be bothered to look through the verb page lol, ive been at this pc for 8 hrs and my mind is numb now but i will def have a look later or tomorrow
thanks again

oh this is the page i been working from its very good, really helped me with the tenses aswell

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How to ask it correct: ‘Does it worth it’ vs ‘Is it worth it’?


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It’s ‘is it worth it?’ because ‘worth’ is an adjective.

By the way, I think by now it’s perfectly acceptable to say things like “I’ve been knowing that you two were hooked up”…


So do I, but it sounds very strange, so I’d stick to “I’ve known him for years.” Moreover, it sounds very unEnglish, as it were.
To rephrase this I’d say: I’ve known for years that you two were hooked up.